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British Columbia HuntsBritish Columbia

Pelly Lake Wilderness Outfitters specializes in guided hunts for dark Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Canadian Moose, Interior Grizzly Bear, Mountain Caribou, spot and stalk Black Bear, wolf and Elk.

Our guided hunting area is located 250 miles northwest of the city of Prince George, British Columbia on the northwest side of Williston Lake. This remote area has a wide variety of habitat from rugged mountains, were we find our sheep and goats, to rolling plateaus for caribou and moose to valleys with lakes and rivers for moose, bear and elk.

Elevations in our hunting area range from 2500 feet in the valley floors to over 7000 feet on the high peaks. Spring black bear and grizzly hunting in May and early June is normally very pleasant with temperatures in the 50-70 degree range. August is the beginning of our fall hunts. Temperatures in August are usually very nice with highs in the 60-70 degrees, but it is the beginning of fall and we can have snow at anytime. By September the weather is changing, snow starts to fall in the high country, the trees our in autumn mode, the elk, moose and caribou start their breeding season.

Pelly Lake LodgeHunters arrive in Prince George the day before their hunt is scheduled to start and transported to the hunting area next day either by vehicle or airplane depending on the camp being hunted . Our north camp (Pelly Lake), is accessible only by plane and takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to fly to from Prince George. Our south camp (Mesilinka), can be driven to and takes about 4 to 5 hours depending on the roads.

All sheep hunts, goat hunts, grizzly bear hunts, caribou hunts and moose hunts are guided with one hunter per guide unless other arrangements our made. The spot and stalk black bear hunts in May are all guided with two hunters per guide. The guides do all the field preparation of all trophies including caping and salting.

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